Blender 2.8 Undo System Discussion

Indeed work is being done on undo, little by little, but I don’t think you would learn much by reading the commits. ( Let’s see how it goes.
As far undo undoing object and scene properties, well… I think most people want this part of the queue… I know I do, I mean that’s a “change” like any other isn’t it ?

Hopefully undo gets a bit more attention since it is also extremely slow in more heavier scenes. It got much better, since couple of time ( last year patches) and object undo is good now. Many thanks from my side to developer who did this.
But undo in case where you switch between edit mode and object mode is still extremely slow. If doing modeling 60 percent of cases are:
select object- go edit mode - select object- edit mode.


I don’t have a problem with undo working on propoerties per se. What is a problem is in cases like for example in sculpt mode. Tweaking dyntopo settings, then making a test stroke and then hitting undo simply undeas both the stroke and the settings. This is annoying as I have to test brush settings when I tweak something.

(edit) oh nevermind - I actually complained about JUST that last November, already. XD

Ah yeah that is annoying af. It makes me crazy as well. I actually have to reload my blend file to flush the undo queue after I add a texture to my brush, otherwise undoing will also change/remove the texture. I misunderstood your comment.

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I don’t really know the thinking behind actual undo. Really?
Was there a poll or something? This is bad. It needs at least be separate from any UI changes, and maybe as an option. For Me the best Undo system was when We have it for Object mode, and edit mode, without any interface undo. Everyone who is working on models, or animation will agree, everyone who just plays in Blender doing random stuff, doesn’t care.

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