Blender 2.8 - Multiple Object Mesh Edit Proportional Editing

In 2.8, since we are now able to switch multiple objects into Edit Mode and are able to edit them simultaneously, I guess, it might be also a good idea to have the objects that are in Edit Mode be affected by Proportional Editing (Assuming, PE is set on Enabled instead of Connected). This would make editing multiple layer meshes like Body parts with clothes on them much easier as you would just have to select one vertex instead of selecting every nearby vertex on all objects or to have a Mesh Deform Modifier.


Is this still being worked on? Some people at our studio are really waiting for this feature.
Proportional Editing in “Enable” mode should affect the vertices of all objects that are in edit mode. I’d definitely consider this a bug.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe multi object edit mode was your task? Is multi object proportional editing still planned for 2.80?

Does this task have anything to do with this?

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Can’t really tell if this is really related to my request. It just says proportional editing with multiple object in edit mode. It doesn’t say that all vertices on all objects are gonna be affected by the falloff. It may be just a task for a bug that appeared when editing multiple objects at all.