Blender 2.8 is awesome!

I have been using Blender 2.8 for almost a month now and have to say it is really really good.

Kudos to the BDFL, core developers, community developers and all the users and pros who gave feedback.

It looks like it came through a freaking time machine!

Certainly isn’t something I would have expected 2 years ago in the golden age of 2.79 or even 10 years ago in the age of 2.49.

Can’t wait for Blender 3.0 now - 3 being the number of dimensions it will rock.




The devs have done an excellent job, blender 2.8 looks great!


yeah they did a crazy amazing job.

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Devtalk forum it was very useful.
I think it also contributed a lot in the communication between devs and users.
And now yes … Blender 2.8 starts to become a real gem