Blender 2.8 industry standards already please

Months are ticking by and I’m still waiting for Blender to step it up on meeting some basic industry standards… like this control map scheme…

and more importantly… all the things listed here

the left click to scrub timeline, why on earth it’s been left as right click is just mind mindbogglingly stupid… is this really a huge structural change to get the option added to make blender less awkardly weird and un-intuitive in just about every area that others programs that need no mention because they just do it right at a price I don’t care to pay anymore… seriously you need some money to get some of these basics fixed already like this year?

Cmon guys, like, for realz. The man has spoken, hop to it already. Thank goodness he’s here to set you straight, or else nothing would ever get done!

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lolz… but seriously years of maya has just accustomed me to a way of doing things, its very difficult to break that, and kb/m input is one of those essential things that needs customizing fully if like you’ve stayed so far off from what the rest of the industry has done. Won’t even get into the ui/ux of blender that 's a whole nuther topic but at least if some of very core basics of kb/m input were addressed better the rest would be easier to get past.

Been using maya off and on for a long time. Not an expert by any means but familiar with pretty much everything and very used to the way it works. Have blender pretty close to what I want.
When I’m done I’ll make a video or something, probably wait until out of beta though

That would be great, anyone who goes back to Maya I would imagine has tried to customize blender better than it’s default…

Here, if you don’t wanna wait:

Yes, this is top top priority. These are things we should do before 2.8 is out.

The industry standard keymap is waiting for the left click select fixes.


I tried it … but everytime I right clicked in viewport I get this error “Menu “VIEW3D_MT_object_specials” not found” :frowning:

Would be good to see… along with some basics that other programs follow such as saving window position & size on close, so that it opens up that way when restarting instead of fullscreen… stuff like that has established as a standard for decades in many other programs…

Sure have the option to start up fullscreen on a monitor that probably isn’t even the one I want blender on fullscreen… and have startup args to specific window size and maybe internally have one for minumum sizes… but this entire program is just full of areas of disappointment… and it’s the real basic stuff and providing options for that are easy to find, the behind other parts of it are great I’d like to use, but I’m just hitting these areas in this program’s design that should be quick and easy fixes for those who work on the foundation of it all the time. and yet it goes on like this with really dumb default behavior that is so off from other programs running on any platform. right click to scroll a timeline …being one of the biggest like is there even any other program out there in this world who’s developer thought using rmb to scroll a timeline was anything but counter intuitive…

I really hope it soon, I’d stick with maya but I just don’t do 3d as much anymore so the subscription ain’t worth it, but I still gets 3d bits to do every so often so blender would be a good fit for that if it just wasn’t such a headache to get on with.

Yeah, sorry about that. Will fix that. There was a Blender 2.8 update just yesterday that broke a big part of the keymap.

damn, Post back when it’s fixed I’d like to check it out

I’m getting pretty sick and tired of the Industry Standard argument. Please imagine me shouting at you.

Well industry standards exist because most people find them popular, because people find them intuitive… bit like walking up stairs, there is an industry standard on the best depth for each step height for average human height… Maybe if you live in some weird land that would be a different… however here in the 3d world an industry standard has established itself in common input methods and ux workflow standards. Obviously blender has finally gotten more mainstream attention for various reasons I can’t be bothered to go into, and many have found Blender’s ux and input methods just absolute garbage… I’m still wondering who the hell actually thinks right button for scrubbing a timeline was a good idea when literally every other effing program I’ve used uses the left button… only weird blender land I guess… so yeah you just go bury your in the sand and scream, others would like to see blender actually become a viable option to move from 3ds/maya etc without having to relearn what is really very un-intuitive ux and pretty dumb default input control schemes.

It’s a side-effect of setting up better left-click-select.
It’s not intentional for it to stay that way.

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“It’s a side-effect of setting up better left-click-select.” …well at least left-click for selecting is something I can recognize as being a standard among the software I’ve used in decades. It’s a real shame these issues reported here are taking so long to get anywhere, I’ve not noticed anything change on them in months…

and more importantly… all the things listed here

I don’t think anything has changed with regards to that stuff having a goal for before 2.8 release.

In my opinion Blender’s workflow uniquely focuses on using the keyboard and point device simultaneously, while still allowing mouse-only control. The industry standard seems focusing on clicks, clicks and more clicks.
Right-click select is a logical result from this which only adept Blender users seem to understand. Adopting the industry standard as a default (I don’t mind it being an option) would be detrimental to Blender’s well thought out UI.
Please open your eyes to the fact that the industry has a focus on marketing and sales, whereas Blender instead focuses on the quality of the product instead.

Currently AFAIK there’s no way to save positions that will affect new windows like Preferences, But you can do magical things with Window->New Window, sizing and customizing which monitor things are on, and then doing File->Save Startup File.

Sub windows like this are part of / track the Workspace so you can setup a complete multi-monitor layout that comes up each time you start Blender and everything changes as you switch workspaces. If you want separate windows disconnected from the Workspace you can use Window->New Main Window instead which makes one with its own independent Workspaces. You can mix and match all this anyway you like across as many displays as you have.

For Preferences you can give it it’s own dedicated window (you can have it start minimized even), or make a new Workspace for Preferences that includes the Preferences editor in a regular window region sized the way you like it.

“In my opinion Blender’s workflow uniquely focuses on using the keyboard and point device simultaneously” …yeah it just does it absolutely terribly.

" The industry standard seems focusing on clicks, clicks and more clicks." I think you’ll find clicks aren’t the problem for a large number of users and novice, reducing the number of steps to do something comes with intuitive tooling, 3 clicks with small mouse movements vs clicks and hotkey acrobatics for some complete retarded keymapping(sure once you eventualy find out what the keys are it gets easier… but visually using a ui that has tooltips etc is just easier than trying to findout what effing keys are needed for the next action you want to take) So I’ll take the increase in clicks and mouse movement to ui anyday at least its getting things done, instead of wasting time trying to find out what hotkey I need to use to get the thing I want to do. Like Maya modelling toolkit (formally a plugin called Nex that I worked with way back to improve in workflow) 3dsmax has similar workflow improvements to do things. Blender does aswel but by default its a complete mess because it seems like it was implemented by amateurs who seem to dragged this out for a really long time, while some of in the blender community who already see how bad things have been have had to go out of there way to actually fix this shit but are constantly messed around with blender broken defaults breaking things again… the idea of a something needing forking just says the default is broken, it it weren’t no one would need to fork it in the first place. Also I agree options are good… the maya keymap by Rawalanche should be built in already, he’s already reported to me how some of blender hardcoded areas are impossible to fix with this keymap changes… disappointing but voicing these issues is all I can do.

“Please open your eyes to the fact that the industry has a focus on marketing and sales, whereas Blender instead focuses on the quality of the product instead.”

It’s kinda ludicrous hearing you say that, it’s like you are completely oblivious to things… the fact is that marketing and sales does not work with awful products that couldn’t be sold if you put a price tag on it that wasn’t just free…how is a sales person going to sell something when they demonstrate to a company and most the people say this is shit workflow compared to what product I’m already using… in a company where selling something is needed to pay salaries, the sales and marketing are going to get back to the development team and say here is what users think of these shitty areas, we can’t sell this due to these complaints, sort it out or you won’t have a salary soon.

And frankly I would say the focus on the quality would leave a lot to be desired in some of the most basic areas of this product. Because I’d imagine those areas of low interest for the kind of people who are working on Blenders code, they aren’t really getting a paycheck so they just work on the areas that look good on a cv etc they’ve accustomed to the weird quirks of this product that they don’t feel the interest or need to improve. Blender two biggest marketing and sale points are… 1: its free, 2: some people are managing to put out some great work with it now, artists are like that with enough dedicated time to master even those most rubbish of tools.

The marketing is what the users can do here with blender, no accounting for the time taken for them to actually get to get good with it.
The sales … not required… slap a price on blender equivalent to maya/3ds and I think you’d see just how quickly this product would slip out of anyone’s interests especially going back 3years+, its really only in the last few years that its starting gaining popularity alot of it due to third party developments in scripts and open source nature of the product getting many involved in improving technical areas like rendering quality, but even pirates would choose the product with the easy learning curve and intuitive design by default to use first because they can get things done quicker, and still master things later.

So what is working for blender now is free, community driven improvements and tutorials that are surpassing the efforts put into Autodesks acquired products… open source has a big pull now, and AD are losing members to this right now… I’m one of them but I’m in no rush so I’ll wait it out until eventually blender does have things on industry standard par that I’m accustomed too as I’m just a casual hobbyist in this field of work now.

If you refuse to learn to use Blender the way it was meant to be used why not use software that does adhere to your view of an industry standard instead of ruining a nigh-perfect workflow?
Have you tried SketchUp? You’ll love it.