Blender 2.8 Feedback: Missing rig options and CPU + GPU calculation

Hi, I am using Blender now for few weeks. Now I tried Blender 2.8 for the first time. In general nearly everything is more intuitive and faster. Great Work!. But I have 2 remarks:

  1. I am missing the user defined options (is that the correct name?) for models (See example in picture. This “rig” option is available in Blender 2.79. But I can not find it in Blender 2.8. I can not post the picture of Blender 2.8 because it is only allowed to post one picture as new user here in the forum.)

  2. When using the CPUs and GPUs it takes in general longer than using only the GPU. Tested with Geforce GTX 1080 and Intel Core i7 6700K. The CPU is supporting the GPU as intended. But the GPU is much faster than the CPU cores. At the end the CPU is taking a chunk (is that the correct word? I mean the quads where it calculates) which takes much longer than everything else. Almost all my pictures have a region where it takes much longer to calculate. Here the rabbit face with all the fur. Because the CPU has much more threads the probability that it get this region is very high. At the end everything is done except the one chunk which the CPU calculates. And this takes sooooo much longer, that all the win of using the CPU and GPU is destroyed. It would work if the GPU would take over the calculation task of the last 2-3 CPU chunks at the end.

CPU alone (8 Threads) : 30 Minutes
GPU Alone: 8 Minutes
CPU + GPU: 5 minutes, except the last chunk. But CPU needs 6 more minutes for last chunk. In total 11 Minutes.

Blender 2.79 picture with option that I can not find in Blender 2.8. Model source:

  1. These options are created by a script, and that needs to be updated to work in 2.8.
  2. You can use smaller tile sizes, these are not as much a performance problem as before. Eventually we would like to improve the scheduling here further.
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Hi, thank you for the answer!

is there a manual how to update the scrips? I am using the models in Pose mode. I have not so much knowledge about the internal (Scripts) of the models. I will try to update the scripts if I know how, because I like the model so much. And blender 2.8 is so much better.

Or do you mean the mechanism of handling the scripts by blender needs to be updated? (And will be done by you, the blender experts) And not the model scripts them self?

The .blend and bundled script itself needs to be updated, Blender developers won’t be doing that. Generally updating them requires some Python scripting knowledge.

The most obvious changes in this case is bl_region_type = "TOOLS" to bl_region_type = "UI", to move the panels to the right sidebar since they don’t find in the new toolbar. But there are likely other changes needed.