Blender 2.8 as new user

Hi everyone, I’m an indie developer.
I was considering switching to blender for a bit, but it looked a bit unapproachable to me, I installed it a month ago and tried it out, I liked it, although the learning curve seemed bit steep (I worked with Cinema 4d, 3ds max and Maya) and since I’m working on a game and don’t have too much time to watch tutorials, I thought I’d stick with Maya for the time being.

Yesterday I saw the announcement for Blender 2.8, installed the new version, and I’ve watched just 2 videos, 1 the announcement, and “Blender 2.8 overview” from CG Masters.

Today I opened Blender 2.8 and I felt at home, I feel like I can use it straight away without lengthy tutorials that are gonna detract from my development time.
I was able to know with very little trial and error where things are and how they work, I was able to 3d model a simple object , do some very basic UV unwrap, add a modifier to subdivide it and sculpt on it, all of this in just a few minutes.
I think this was the fastest I have learnt the basics of a 3d software.

I did have trouble understanding how UV relaxing works, so all I was able to do was to add seams and unwrap, I wasn’t able to create a skeleton, except adding a single bone to the viewport.
Those were the things that weren’t very intuitive and I might need to check out a tutorial on those.

As of today Blender will be my main 3d modeling tool.

I want to thank the developers for the wonderful work of making this version so intuitive to use, I think you’re moving in the right direction and I’m very surprised how you managed to transform a slightly scary software to something that is a pleasure to use as a new user. I will try to provide more feedback as I learn the software


I posted an answer but brecht removed so I will rephase it.

Although the interface is more intuitive now, dont let it stop you from learning the shortcuts, it will improve your workflow, there’s a limit of speed you can get using buttons and menus if you learn how to use blender without the toolbar you will actually feel whats the real potential of blender.

indeed, I’ve been using blender since 2.58, which was at the time freshly redesigned from the earlier 2.49, most of the tutorials really confused the heck out of me since most of them were for 2.49.

and i have faint memories of people then (particularly on BA) whining about how all the changes made blender less efficient, some people still stuck with blender 2.49 on the forums, refusing to switch to the latest and greatest.

i worked in a game art studio last year, and i was on a personal mission to convert as many people to using blender 3d, i held weekly classes and whatnot (with support from the boss who was obviously in support of my cause cause it saved the company money) in doing those classes i realized how much the UI and UX actually sucked, the problems i was totally blind to before(because i was so used to them, and also becasue b3d was my first 3d software). The new user doesn’t give a shit about the ten thousand secret hotkeys, infact learning them is a burdensome process in its own. Once i became aware of this i also realised other better ways of doing things.

the codequest and subsequent blender development has i think hit the nail right in the head as it doesn’t push away the blender nerd at the same time making the whole experience for new user a magnitude easier.

Yes, a few additional clicks here and there have now become part of the workflow (which you can totally change back to if you like), however the compromise is well worth it since now the entire team of 3d artists will be using blender instead of just that one person who think that the ninja way of doing things is better.

some users on this forum are really pushing the point that those additional few clicks here and there are completely destroying the “Blender-way-of-doing-things”, while completely ignoring the clicks and taps here and there that were removed, making those areas more fast to work with. i now no longer have to remove my hand from the mouse and reach the numpad to change views, or click a dropdown menu everytime i need to change the viewport. and tons of other changes.

All in all, i think if i started those classes with 2.8, i wouldn’t even have to hold them weekly, most of my colleagues would probably switch on their own.

Those few clicks make a heck of a difference for some people but, for the good of the growth of the comunity blender is being kinda neglected.

Sure those changes will attract new users, those users can become good at blender sure! they will be efficient at blener? maybe but not as efficient as they could be.

The few extra clicks actually are enough to distract from what you were doing before, with pure shortcuts, it is more like a “You think, it happens” workflow. That’s the point of those users defending the “ninja way” of doing things, its not the ninja way neither a fast way, its a intuitive way (once you learnhow).

Those users wouldn’t be driven away if the keymap were a bit more complete and efficient, blender 2.8 has lots of cool features and a good modern interface, they would just learn a better way of using blender.

IMO the best way to learn is to learn first how to use the tools, how they work, which tools in which situation.
Once you’re familiar with what each tool does and which tools you use the most you can learn the shortcuts to your preferred ones.

I’ve noticed many video tutorials showing multiple ways of summoning the tools, both with shortcuts and UI.
Knowing where to find the tool in the UI is also crucial to knowing which hotkey to use, since you’ll be shown a tip once you hover on the button

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yes you are right… infact Brecht himself opened a new thread on keymap feedback today after you raised your voice on the subject. My problem is only with those people who believe that just because a few clicks have been added that blender is now completely useless and completely pathetic and oh how the olden days were better type of people, their lack of gratitude disgusts me.