Blender 100% gpu preferences window freeze bug error

that not my vedio but i have same problem
in my amd rx 470 4g

IMHO wrong place to report one possible bug, you already check in if anybody already report this problem? Update to latest Adrenalin driver also use latest Blender 2.83.5 can fix this problem. you have same issue with Blender 2.90Beta?

i have that problem in blender 2.83.5
but i will try in blender beta

Hi, I have Blender 2.83.4 and can’t reproduce the problem. I’m using a NVidia GTX1080 on Windows 10. This might have to do with a driver issue or the way shaders that create this issues on AMD hardware.

i stil hane same problem in blender 2.9 beta

Hi, I cant reproduce with Intel GPU or Nvidia GPU.
Please report to bug tracker from Blender Help menu, than you system specs are included automatically to the report form.
Please add the link to the video, too.

Cheers, mib

Same problem, have gtx 1060 6g. GPU goes all the way up to 100% in secs, in eevee or cycles, even if i want just to click on engine tab to change them. It is not possible to work, because everytime i want to move viewport i’m stuck (freezed). I just installed Blender 2.83.5 and have latest nvidia driver. Will try to install older driver.

So, after several drivers i found out, that when in rendered mode and trying to switch between cycles and eevee Blender starts to act funny. Now it says that is in eevee, gpu goes all the time from 95 to 100%, now is around 15 minutes, viewport is flickering every time it is going from 95 on 100, it does not render all the textures and it is not possible to move view. Maybe Blender bug? My comp too old (in viewport i have 431k faces)? driver bug? I have no idea what to do next, if somebody have a solution, please write it. Thanks

is salve in blender 2.9 but privie didint work but that is not matter the importamt thing is rendreing fine no mor bugs ar error

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