Blend file 4 times bigger than FBX file?

Hi I was converting some models into blend files.

One of the FBX is 34mb when I load it into blender and save it as blender file it becomes134mb. If I export it from blender as and FBX it shrinks again and it becomes 47mb.

How is this possible if I didn’t add anything to the file?

don’t know for certain but my best guess is that .fbx uses some form of data compression and .blend doesn’t.
Reason being that data compression increases read and write times and you usually don’t want that in production
disk space is cheap, artist time is not

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Thanks! that’s good to know

Well, first of all, Blender has an option (“Compress”) to save the compressed .blend file.

And of course each file format stores data in its own way, otherwise there would be only one format.
Compare for example the same image in PNG, TIFF and BMP.

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