BGE processes threading changes

Hi, I’m working on a video game and I want to work the physic/animation/logic etc processes loads on more threads but I don’t want to use python idle to do so, I don’t want to conflict with the internals.

What exactly is your question though? BGE is discontinued so there are no “internals” to conflict with per se, you’d be forking old code anyway.

That’s what I’m looking for that old code. I should have wrote 2.79b last version. Sad it’s not in 2.8 it handles well 24-32 bits HDR and image render reflections, I’m here to be polite and wish to make thoses fixes fastest possible.

It’s not clear what your question is. If you’re looking for the latest 2.79 code, it’s in the blender2.7 git branch.

I might just crack open blenderplayer standalone and see what’s inside and how it’s all linked to bullet physics. Sorry

To be clear, the game engine core code is written in C++, including Bullet physics. That means you can’t see the code when looking at a Blender builds the way you can for Python scripts, it’s compiled into a binary.

Any code modifications there require downloading and building the Blender source code.

Thanks, that’s what I was searching for. Now I’ll ask Bjarne Stroustrup for the rest :+1: nice books