Better working hair shader

I’m not the one to go deep into blender’s code, and all that. But I like the animation essepially with particles and hair, mostly hair lol

But problem is, I need a hair shader that would be easier to use instead of just using 5 or more nodes just to make the hair look nice, but not amazing. Sometimes it looks good and sometimes it doesn’t, it really depends on your lighting. As far as I know there’s no official setup.
Point is!
Look at the principle BSDF, then in Blender 2.8 nightly builds you find it now has a ‘Principle volume’
So now Im thinking, these so called principle shaders are gonne be the dominant pbr/pre-ready shaders.
Now thinking, they’ve done this for Volume shaders and also Diffuse and Glossy, mixed with Subsurface. Which is incredibly useful. But its really meant for hair now is it?
So I really want to see a “Principle hair bsdf” thing… or just an improved hair shader.

It’s under development actually: