Better way to get Blender's libs?

Is there a better way to get Blender’s libs? I am using TortoiseSVN and it fails a lot. It might go 5 minutes or 1 hour before it fails. I have been trying to update since yesterday and it has failed at least 30 times now.

This is kinda getting ridiculous. Happened probably another 20 times. This is what it says when it stops(This picture was from last year ,but same message).


when it stops, and you run ‘svn cleanup’ and ‘svn update’ in your lib folder it should pick up where it left off

Yeah, that’s what I’m doing. Maybe it will eventually decide to finish without the error, LOL.

I had a similar problem with command line svn recently, it can be pretty frustrating to babysit the dropouts. It shouldn’t be such a problem after your environment is set up though.

@troubled anything you can do here?

It’s quite possible that the firewall limits that were put in place ages ago to deal with abuse were being hit here. I relaxed them a bit, try again. As speeds of internet connections increase, the limits can be stepped on much quicker than when originally tested and put in place.

Let me know, thanks.