Best way to upgrade an older modified blender version to a newer one

hello guys ,

I want to immigrate this modified blender 2.93 (i think alpha ) GitHub - dzigaVertov/vertov_blender: My experiments with the blender source code to the most recent blender version .

/* Blender major and minor version. */
/* Blender patch version for bugfix releases. */
/** Blender release cycle stage: alpha/beta/rc/release. */

I thought of using vs code folder Diff extension and compare 2 folders that contain both the original 2.93 and the modified version and extract the modified code . but was not very successful cos it looks the modified blender is based on a beta version that is not available in github and svn server .

can anyone please recommend me git commands or any approach to follow , to make immigration easier ?

Most probably to be honest, you won’t be able to “easily” upgrade a 2.93 to 3.4 or similar, too many changes.

Your best bet is to extract the changes done to that diff and try to apply them to master.

However depending on the changes they may not work at all.

This exactly what I did , I tried to extract the code using diff folder extension and searching for gposer comments . but it looks like the grease pencil code was changed a lot .