Batch Mdd caches to separate files

At the studio we have a project with characters and almost 100 shots, I need to bake each piece to separate mdds (for example, character_1_eyes.mdd, character_1_body.mdd, etc.), this workflow is well stablished at our studio but we are switching to blender for bigger productions now and this is the first time we use it for a comercial project of this scale, I need to automate the baking but I’m not very familiar with the blender API and don’t know how to access the MDD exporter, can anyone please help me?. thanks in advance.

if you are using the mdd exporter that come from factory, the command is:

bpy.ops.export_shape.mdd(fps=24, frame_start=1, frame_end=250)

you can place this line in your scripts, of course, modifying the arguments to fit your needs.

Thank you Jean!, yesterday I realized you can check the code by hovering on top of the operator, that’s been a life saver.

Thank you so much for your response!

Hi guys

Very sorry to “dig up” this subject, but I also need to export a lot of .mdd file at once (97).

I don’t know how Python works, all I know is that the .mdd exporter (File > Export > .mdd) doesn’t display any “Batch Export” or “Selected Export” setting, so I need to come accross a Python script to do that.
There’s a Batch Export template available in Blender, but changing the “.fbx” by “.mdd” doesn’t do the trick.

How can I mix the Batch Export template with the command that jeanDaCosta posted 2 years ago ?