Assigning/Claiming etiquette on

I’m continuing my questions in over here to not pollute the discussion over there with offtopic remarks any further.

Usually, tasks are left unassigned to developers (unless someone claims explicitly from the corresponding module team).

If I have done a git bisect, is there a less intrusive way to ping the committer of the offending commit than assigning it to them? As they are probably the person most likely to understand what’s going on it seems useful to let them know about the discussion. Or should I leave it to the module team to ping them? Or should I just add them as a subscriber maybe (I’m not sure if I can do that)?

Also, when reporting a bug, I read somewhere that it’s good to notify the module owners. But assigning it to the module apperently pings everybody on that team, which seems overkill. What’s the best way to go about that? Lookup the module owner and add them as a subscriber?
Ping them on chat? (I didn’t yet get the chat working, I need to find out what to whitelist in my adblocker I guess)

I sometimes claim tasks as well to indicate that I’ll do further investigations/fixing (and then also do the bisect mostly or do a fix if I find one as seen in as seen in D8973).

Would it be a good idea to claim a bug just to investigate/git bisect, post your findings when you’re done or stuck and ‘unclaim’ it afterwards?

I’m sorry if all this knowledge is written in the wiki somewhere already. I did try to read a lot of the info but with the myriad of blender related sites (for a newcomer like me) I’m not sure what I read where.

You cannot assign it to his relative module team? You bisect cycles bug, you should assign your analysis Task to cycles module if you are member of triage or Blender developer group of user in , lead team will assign or ping proper developer to this task. AFAIK this is one Blender rule for assign any bug in bugtracker. Here module and member

git bisect is very helpful, so thank you for doing it! I often post something like:

rBabcd is the first bad commit, CC @ committer/author

The committer is free to claim the task, or not.

There are barely any behind the scenes on the bug tracker. People use the search features on the left sidebar, tasks assigned to them, bugs of their modules etc., to find what they would work on.

So at this point, add the module/tag/project to the report and confirm it. Make sure that the top level box is complete with necessary info.

Also, when reporting a bug, I read somewhere that it’s good to notify the module owners.

I’d rather have a bug report go through triagers first. Unless necessary (like there’s a confusion about proper working, or a commit was added with no description etc), I won’t draw someone’s attention to dozens of bugs daily.

Try opening first, and then manually navigate to channels. Don’t use full URL to a channel. It won’t open.

I don’t think so. Post your findings, then try to tweak some code, if there’s hope, claim the report and post a diff. And well you can post a diff without claiming the task too.
Edit: after having a little chat, it seems either temporary claiming is fine too.

Thanks for all the replies.

@NiCap : i’m a member of nothing :wink: just some random dude from the interwebs trying to find his way around the blender codebase.