Asset Manager Proposal

Speaking for BlenderKit:
We are definitely willing to help on this if we have some capacity (we are 2 coders by now, I’m doing the blender side). Since there are many content providers, there’s not much logic in having the same number of bridges or asset managers.

I started the project because I saw the asset manager isn’t moving forward very fast, and I wanted to make a service co-created by the community, that would also speed up workflow for anybody.

Regarding the proposal: I think the proposal is much more about few UI aspects than asset management. The asset management part is hidden in the ‘global asset folder’.

We have mostl UI aspects of the proposal working somehow in BlenderKit, although in different form and sometimes with some extra requirements.

The topic goes quite deep so it would be maybe a reason for a meeting?

For example, we realized there is no fixed border between an Asset Library(the place you download your stuff from) and Asset Management (your current project nicely organized and optimized). We consider what we do by now to be rather an asset library.

Another thing to mention I heard from Tangent animation they were planning to release their (super advanced) asset manager for public it was supposed to be released sometime in May (that was mentioned on conference)


Another idea I had:

Since the software is named Blender, the asset files could use the extension .ingredient or something to that effect (a pun on kitchen blenders)

We will make the plans for development after 2.80 more concrete in the coming two months, including the asset manager.

@VilemDuha it would be good to have a meeting once things are a bit more clear on our side, about who will do the work and when. In the meantime, it would be helpful if you check the asset UI design and asset engine design, and see if it fits your requirements are for such an asset system.