Asset Browser Poor Performance When Stored on Network Share

I’ve been working on some scripts to automate the creation of materials for an asset library, and as of now it has almost 1000 materials. While in the .blend file which contains these materials, there is no issue with responsiveness what-so-ever, however, when trying to access the library from a different .blend file, the performance is near unusable. Making matters worse, it actually seems to effect the performance of the entire program, not only the asset library. Something as simple as deleting an object causes Blender to freeze for almost 10 seconds! is there anything that can be done to improve the performance?

The textures stored in the library are only 1K res, and are about 9mb of textures per material, so it shouldn’t be that demanding.

I have uploaded a video Here showing the issue.

Edit: As a test, I moved the .blend file from the network share to my local disk, and it considerably improved the performance. The textures are still stored on the network share, but the performance seems okay for now. I have a gigabit connection to the network share, so I think its unlikely to be a bandwidth issue, considering the .blend file is only 100mb

I saw this task that might be help with this issue: ⚓ T91406 AssetBrowser: Indexing Asset Library

It currently seems to be targeted for Blender 3.1!