Application.ScreenUpdating = False

I don’t know Python but I’ve used VBA at work for the last 20 years. Using “Application.ScreenUpdating = False” speeds up your VBA macros a ton in Microsoft Office products by not showing you on screen what your macro is doing. I’ve seen posts in my other Blender groups about using the command line to render your images/animations much faster than within the GUI. I had a thought that it might be a good idea to add a toggle button somewhere in the interface to do that in Blender. I would imagine it would speed up render times for users who are unfamiliar or uncomfortable messing around with the command line. Again I don’t know HOW you would do that but just a thought I had and I’ve enjoyed using Blender so much over the years I wanted to add something.

I am glad you have enjoyed using Blender. I hope you will be pleased to learn that this functionality already exists in Blender. :hugs:

It can be set via python for those who want to use it in a script:
It also can be accessed via the GUI:
Topbar->render-menu->Lock Interface

Lock Interface
Lock interface during rendering in favor of giving more memory to the renderer.

I toggled the “lock interface” button but it still shows the render image being created on screen. It might give more memory to the render but I think it could give more if the render wasn’t visible. The “Application.Screenupdating = False” actually stops you from seeing what the macro is doing and speeds up the macro running substantially.