Appending a Scene with linked Collections

Hi all,

This is a bit of a mix of a workflow question and/or bug report? Maybe…

If I want to append something, there’s an option in the menu that says “Localize all’.
When I now append a Scene which contains linked Collections, after the Append they don’t come in as editable data. Which is what the menu option and docs suggest it should happen?
I can get the Collection data in va the Outliner>Blender Data>Link to Scene command, but this is:
a) Confusing workflow
b) Not what you expect when there’s an option 'Localize all” in the menu options.

Is this the workflow as expected, or should the ‘Localize all’ option pull in all data, and end up without the extra step in the Outliner? If the first, the docs are not really clear on this tbh…


p.s. there’s nothing on the web about this, so my apologies by posting it here.