Any way to export cycles scene as xml or json?


Is there a way to export cycles scene as xml or json?
Any blender plugin? If no plugin is available, if there is any code which can do this, I can integrate it into blender.

The reason for this is,
I am trying to create cycles scene from fbx. I have gone thru the python code to understand how it is importing fbx files but I could not understand anything. So, if such exporter is available, I can compare the xml/json with mine.

Thanks in advance.

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There is no implementation of this. There is some initial work towards this in the xml_write_node function, but it will take a lot of work to get this to write entire scenes.

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hi , brecht , this plan will going on or not ?

There is no plan to improve the XML support anymore, it’s going to be removed in favor of USD files. Improved Blender export of USD is actively being worked on.

thanks , brecht , I’ve found it. Universal Scene Description — Blender Manual