Animation workspace: Why are tools & transform gizmos hidden by default?

When I switched to the animation workspace I was really confused.

The tool icons are hidden by default, and so is the transform gizmo.

I was able to get the tool icons back by hitting “R” to activate the rotate tool, and then they thankfully stayed visible. I have no idea what the intention is here, but if they are supposed to be hidden, it’s rather inconsistent that just hitting a shortcut brings them back permanently.

The transform gizmo seems to be completely gone, though, even though the “gizmo” checkbox is ticked in the overlays of that workspace (and the xyz gizmo is visible). Again, it feels very inconsistent and I have no idea what’s going on.

Developers, what is your thinking here, what am I missing or is what I’m seeing bugs?

(EDIT: Also, what is the split view for? It seems to be the same thing. I was expecting to have pose mode active in one view, and weight painting active in the other. Now, I still have to click back and forth in the outliner to do it.)

Ok… so maybe the transform gizmo isn’t gone after all… it’s just positioned way, way, way off?