Animation: Active Keying Set should be always visible

In Blender 2.8 it is impossible to see what keying set is currently selected. When working on animation it is CRUCIAL to have instant visual feedback what is currently being animated, especially when “auto-keying” is on. Please, reconsider moving selected keying set option near timeline navigation buttons.


I agree. The popover is disconnecting on several lines active keying set and button to restrict auto-keying to this keying set.
Except auto-keyframing mode and layering option, nothing in Keying popover should stay, here.
2.79 timeline had very efficient set of buttons.
It would not be necessary to set a name field for active keying set like in 2.79.
It could be same kind of popover than visibility/selectability popover of 3D View. And name of active keying would be visible as overlapping text in background region of 3D View and animation editors.

Hopefully it will be adressed soon!

Going to bump this as it wasn’t addressed fully, no need to make a “Rightclickselect” to something that was already opened.

“Keying” option should have its label changed from “Keying” to "Active Keying set - [Name of the active key set] " within the button label itself, otherwise , we riggers and animators are working blindly here.

Less of a priority but also needed :

  • Allow the user to assign shortcut key to select active keyset
  • Allow the user to add active key-set to favorites [Default Q button]
  • Allow for sorting keying sets paths by names and to move paths up and down the paths list [Properties → Scene Properties → Keying sets]