Animate Collection Visibility`

Hi all guys, do we have the possibility to animate Collection Visibility?
Or there is some alternative for this?
We need to hide and unhide collection with around 25 object inside.
Thanks in advance.

As workaround, you can use Animation Nodes for this:

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Hi Michail, tnx for suggestion, i guess i had to use AN for this. But is possible that for an “easy” task like this i need a plugin? It seems that Hide and Unhide things is always a pain, still in 2.8.

You can use a collection instance and animate its visibility instead.

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LOL… but… ehm… yea it works more or less… thank you Rainer.

Animating single object visibility still doesn’t work at least in Evee.
Any news about that?

I’ve tried also Animation node, that as usual is fantastic, but Unfortunately it crash hard in animation render.