After installing 2.8 - 2.79 files removed

It propose me to install 2.8 to folder ProgramFiles/BlenderFoundation/Blender… - I checked and found that 2.79 files is already installed here and I do not want to replace/loose those files so I created separate folder for installing 2.8. But after installing 2.8 all the files which belong to 2.79 was removed from Blender folder.

Installing will remove files in Blender folder even if I install in to custom Blender2.8 folder?

The fact that I install 2.8 mean that I don’t need 2.79 no more???

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While I understand your frustration please mind your language and keep it civil.

Please clean up the title and your name-calling, after which we can get to the bottom of this. Unadvertised file removing sounds like a bug in the installer.

Just facepalm … So if I installed 2.8 in to my custom folder and it delete 2.79 files from Blender folder without asking me - now I cant install back 2.79 from installer no more? Someone think that user do not need more than one version of Blender on his computer? What an absolutely crap!

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I Agree the installer needs, work, in the mean time you can grab the .zip verison and have as many version as you want side by side.

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That is unfortunate indeed. The installers haven’t received much testing, while they probably should have. I personally always have used the zip archives to install Blender, which is how you can have multiple Blender versions on your computer as @LazyDodo already managed to mention.

I have logged two issues where you can track progress on these:

Thank you for reporting.


p.s. please keep the language clean despite frustration.

I know I can use zip… I just never tried to " install " 2.8 before. This is the first time I want to " install " it to my home PC after release to customize it in same way as 2.79 for my self. And what I found is that absolutely inappropriate crap…

I want to see here some " dev " who setup it all to work in this stupid way and ask few questions…

  • Why Blender have no versioned folder inside BlenderFoundation folder like Blender2.79b, Blender2.8, etc. ?
  • Why it all stored in to one folder and installing next version will replace previous and block user to install it back?
  • Why it remove files of previous version even if newer installed to custom folder?
  • Someone test how installer work at all?
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  1. The dev who set it up is no longer available, i’m the one who ended up with it however i cannot answer any of your why related questions as I was not around when this was designed.

  2. we have used this installer for most of the 2.7x series where people were OK with 2.77 taking over the 2.76 install.

  3. as a volunteer, I have no interest what so ever in putting up with the aggressive vibe you have, i’m available for questions not abuse. (* edit: this does not imply this tone is acceptable with any of our payed staff, it’s unacceptable period! no matter how upset you are)


Yes, the installer really works kind of weird. I also found that it deleted my previous INstallation without asking and despite directing it into a different folder.

It would be cool if the installer just asked whether to overwrite the old one or better yet, as mentioned already, just version inside the designated folder like so:

ZIP files are nice and all but an installation also sets up all the variables in the OS. That’s what installers are for so it makes sense to use them on major releases.

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Ok… No aggressive. Nosing personal against you. Take my apologize.

But this installer is what we get right from big button from main Blender web page. So I waiting for so long all this 2.8 journey. And now, after all this time, we achieve release finally and I go to Blender web page, click big button to download and found that most basic part of software work unexpected bad. Looks like no one worked on it, no one tested it. What kind of emotions can anyone wait from me?

So, after all, can you or anyone else give answer - is this installer will stay as it is or it will be reworked?

Look at the BUg reports up in JesterKing’s post.
There are two tickets open and LazyDodo knows about it. In the second link ( they discuss how to change the INstaller design going forward.
The already published ones cannot be changed any more, though.

So - it’s in the works.

the AppData folders are the most important ones for “us” the users, if they get deleted for some unpredictable reason then this is a bad thing, i always keep a back up of it so i can move the folder across different machines or if something bad like this happens,i guess i was lucky since i haven’t used the 2.80 installer yet.

%appdata% is untouched, the installer only removes what it installed any newly created files it will not touch.

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The installer has been reworked, and starting blender 2.81 will allow side by side installs while still upgrading 2.81 to 2.81a.