Addon preferences properties not showing in 2.8?

Can somebody explain why the properties work in 2.79 ,but not in 2.8?

class CarverPrefs(bpy.types.AddonPreferences):
	bl_idname = __name__

	bpy.types.Scene.Key_Create: StringProperty(
		name="Object creation",
		description="Object creation",
	bpy.types.Scene.Key_Update: StringProperty(
		name="Auto Bevel Update",
		description="Auto Bevel Update",

Using bpy.types.Scene. makes no sense here.

Yeah, I know. Somebody has been wanting the Carver addon updated for 2.8. This is how the properties was done.

But it might explain why this does not work. If this worked in 2.7 it would be by accident.

If you want to add properties to Scene, you should do that in def register() without defining AddonPreferences. If you want to make actual preferences, you should leave out bpy.types.Scene.