Adding hair on models with higher vert count lags really bad

I currently have a model I am working on with about 480 verts.
When applying hair, its overly laggy. I can apply like 20 hairs then wait 30 seconds to a min for the machine to catch up. My computer is pretty fast, rendering and such isn’t bad at all nor animating the model.
But when it comes to adding hair, I can’t get nowhere with the model. I’ve imported a lower vert mesh around 120 and it still lags. But a 8 vert box its super quick.

Anyways, I was wondering if you guys could make a new brush in the hair system that will allow me (us) to basically select all the parts were we want to apply hair. Then hit enter or another hotkey to apply all the hair curves. Maybe that’d help on a higher res mesh and instead of stop go stop go. Wait 5 min total to apply the hair.

Overall I love the new hair system and this program. You guys done a great job on it!

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