Adding custom properties to Collections

Would it be possible to add/implement custom properties to Collections/Any collection? The specific use case I have in mind are addon-s/exporters. This should allow to create Addons that together with object custom properties could turn Blender into a game level editor. Would such use case be feasible?

It’s already possible to store custom properties on collections, but there is no place to edit them in the user interface currently. That would be good to add, but an add-on would create its own user interface anyway.

Thanx. If that’s good to add, then I may look into it as a startup project. I’ll do it as an addon first.

Hi! Having the same problem here… Did you make the addon in the end?

I recently bumped into this problem myself, seems it was actually a pretty simple add (the python API does 90% of the work :P)


I hope this helps.


Nice! Why not submit a patch for this?