Add Smooth Vert to W-menu

The W menu lacks this operator. It’s one of the most usefull and is really anoying having to switch tools in order to use it.

Quick favorites?

Tbh, I don’t see the reason for the W menu to exist anymore, now that we have quick favorites.
The W menu should be replaced with the quick favorites.
They could make the quick favorites come with the same options as the old W menu by default, and from there it’s up to the users, if they want to add or remove stuff from that list. Simple as that.

There’s a catch, I dont see Smooth Vert anywhere in the interface and seems that is impossible to add any entry to quick favorites from F3 search menu so It seems impossible.

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i am sorry but we need them both, here is ‘W’ with multi-components in edit mode, and as u can see the list is full… this is how i think some of us(including me) prefer to work and i bet the quick favorites will be also full.

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Note the vertex menu is under Ctrl+V as well. The W menu can’t contain all the tools, so Ctrl+V, Ctrl+E, Ctrl+F have the vertex, edge and face tools.


Is there a way to call those 3 menus at once side by side, when we have multi-components mode selected?

Some softwares have this type of functionality, and I think it’s pretty handy.


There is no way to do it currently.

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@brecht just want to ask a important feature.
allow for operators to be added from search to quick menu, currently its not possible. but would save precious time.