Accessing errors on modifiers


Is it possible to access some modifier’s errors ? like Corrective Smooth, MeshDeform Surface Deform vertex mismatch. (If you’ve binded the modifier and after that you change the vertex count of the mesh).

I’m trying to wrote a little sanity checker to catch some mistakes on .blends and I can’t see how to catch this one… These modifiers have a .is_bind /.is_bound boolean that comes very handy but I don’t see how to catch other issues…

Unfortunately, it’s not possible, those errors are not exposed in the API. I asked it here some time ago:
Displaying modifiers’ warnings in a custom layout

Thanks for the answer, have you managed to do something with your addon ?
In my case it looks like I’m stuck, I don’t think I can access how many verts are stored in the modifier’s bind, so doing a temporary mesh and counting verts won’t work…

No, I didn’t, I gave up on that.

I finally succeed to do what I want in a hackish way :
I compare the object vertex locations with and without the modifier to see if it do something.
For that I also need to change the deforming mesh or armature . It works but it will probably fail in some cases… But I can always extend my script on a case by case basis.

Blender also output a warning in the console for these cases, but it doesn’t tell which object as an issue.