Abnormal high graphic memory use when running Cycles rendering on RTX4090

My project is about 1GB size and only including 6 Character Creator avatars. When I render the frame it took almost 19GB graphic memories. And some of my friends who also use RTX4090 reported me the same thing. More graphic memories are used than RTX 3080

Please report potential bugs to the bug tracker, with all the information requested there:

Particularly interesting would be to know the memory usage on RTX 3080 and RTX 4090. In general Cycles will use more memory when there are more GPU cores, which is the case here. But maybe it’s too much, we need the numbers to know that.


Here’s the comparison
Render the same project with the same setting

Please make a bug report, we don’t handle them on this forum.

I have reported but I can’t provide the project file. Is that fine?