A possible unique and revolutionary function idea

So I was sitting there thinking of how great the potential and possibilities of many programs out there are. What you can do with them, what anyone can do with them. But then I get to thinking what a shame it is that the learning curve and functions have to be so different across all of these programs.

There is no REAL possible way to fix this, as each program is made and developed by its own company and developers, and Yes, that is true that each vary and differentiate from program to program, but what is the main underlying goal for each program’s layout and function?

That goal is to aim for the best and fastest productive efficiency possible.

So out of all of the functions within programs, what is one of the main attribute that contributes to try and achieve this goal that each program shares no matter how they are set up?

That attribute is the ability to use and set Hotkeys. If you learn a program’s hotkeys or set them to your preference, it usually boosts your production speed and efficiency greatly.

So Hotkeys.
You set them or they come preset, and you activate them by toggling on or off on your keyboard or mouse.

So initially the issues with hotkeys are that you have to learn and remember what is set for each function, which can be tedious and can slow production if you have to reach all over to toggle combinations for each set keys. Or if you forget the hotkeys. Of course it wouldn’t be a problem in the long run if you use them often because you would most likely get used to it by then, but still, it’ll take valuable time and effort to set and remember.

But with this idea, you would only possibly ever have to hit one or two keys on your keyboard. No more needing to remember if your hotkey for changing from selecting faces to selecting vertices was (Not actual keybindings) ctrl + alt + shift + t, or ctrl + alt + caps lock + t.

Now here comes the idea.

And the idea is “Voice Commands” in sort of hotkey/keybinding-like functions

Imagine only ever having to mainly move your hands to move your mouse around and the other would be for the push to activate voice. No more having to remember wild combinations for functions. Just the names of the function or whatever set voice command binding to that hotkey.

Imagine just having to say “undo” or “redo”. Or setting a “render scene” hotkey to a voice command where you can just say “Do the thing” Or saying “Save” to save the file or maybe even just a straight up cough when setting the voice recognition for the command. Or saying things like “Set mode - Sculpt” “Set mode - Object” or “Search (function/tool/renderer/etc.)” and it’ll bring up the tab or window with the function. I know these are just simple examples, but there could be some that are deeper. For example, remember the name of a function, but forgetting where it’s at or what the hotkey combination was for it.

Maybe even something like
“Rotate cube, X axis, 94.32 degrees”
"Align cube to Robot (center point/ rotation point/ etc.)
“Snap to face”
“Snap to vertices”

Essentially the idea is optional voice commands in sort of the idea of “hands free” hotkeys kind of fashion. XD

I do apologize for the long texts and story. I know that this is may be a bit of a wild idea but I am interested to see how it could work out

I do feel as if this could be an effective and unique idea at improving production speed and efficiency.

You mean like: