A little help with Spin Duplicate bug

I’m at a loss of where else to look on this bug. T60607
The bug is when Spin (Duplicate) is in context, the ‘dupli’ property is not set. (which is needed to spin duplicate)
I’m not seeing why the property for ‘duplicate’ is not being passed in like it should.

In blender_default.py there is:

km_3d_view_tool_edit_mesh_spin (for Spin) and
km_3d_view_tool_edit_mesh_spin_duplicate (for Spin Duplicate)

The latter is passing {“properties”:[(“dupli”,True)]} into
the function edbm_spin_exec via:
const bool dupli = RNA_boolean_get(op->ptr, “dupli”);

and again into the property polling function:
as well.

I’m not clear when MESH_OT_spin is called
as it is setting dupli to ‘0’.
If I change that, then Spin and Spin Duplicate both come up as ‘dupli’ ticked.

It almost seems as if the property is being polled, but then overwritten by MESH_OT_spin,
but I don’t think so because if in the UI you manually tick ‘dupli’ it is staying ticked, like
it’s a static variable.

Any hints, or ideas welcome.


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