A few small issues

First off…Holy s***!!! 2.8 is mind blowing!!! I have been a Blender user for over 10 years, and just…WOW! Great job to the developers! Keep up the great work!

I understand while in Beta there will be some issues with functionality.
I have been playing around with 2.8 for a bit, and experienced a few bugs.
Not sure anyone else has encountered them but here is what I have had happen to me:
Note, I am using MacPro OSX 10.11.6 with 2-GTX 780’s 3 Gb each and my cpu is an i7 3.4 gHz. 32 GB RAM.

1- Object selection.
Having issues simply selecting an object in the view port. I’ll zoom all the way in, and still can’t seem to grab the object without cycling through the many others around it.

2-Render layers.
It will take some getting used to with the new EEVEE set up, but I am really not getting the results that I should be getting. Where are the other pass options for the layers?? I am referring to the environment pass in this instance. The scenario is, I have a vehicle in the foreground, and the background consists of a few architectural elements as well as the ground plane (for shadows and reflections) I would also like to include the HDRI I am using to light the scene in the background. The plan was to render them separately to be able to composite live footage of an actor walking towards and behind the vehicle but in front of the back drop. It just won’t work!! Am I missing something here?? It seems I am not able to separate the layers for render. Meaning, I’ll have the foreground object on view layer #1 named Vehicle, and the background object(s) on view layer #2, named Backdrop. It all looks great in the view port but when I try to render out the scene to have them separated, both layers show up as the same render with nothing separated! If anyone can point me to instructions on how do achieve this, it would be greatly appreciated!!

3-Depth of Field.
Caused a large transparent area across the lower third on the final rendered image. This occurred on one project, but not on another.

Thanks again to the devs for delivering such a great build!

I’ve been using 2.8 for a little while now and I know what you mean about “feel” of the selection.
Try switching your selection option (Preferences > General) to “OpenGL Occlusion Queries” and turning on “OpenGL Depth Picking”


Selection feels way more accurate and predictable with this enabled (to me anyway), so it’s worth a shot.

That seemed to do the trick! Thanks for the advice! Now if only I can nail down the issue with the render layers…any suggestions?

The thing with Eevee is that it’s not a path tracer like cycles, so a lot of the passes will be calculated in screen space due to the nature of how it works.
An environment pass seems like something it should be able to do, but the pass system for Eevee is stil a fairly recent addition.

The best way to go about getting this feature would be by posting a feature request on the Right Click Select website. https://blender.community/c/rightclickselect/

Will do! Thanks again!

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