A few ideas after switching from Cinema4D to Blender

I switched because Blender has a really nice workflow that fits with me.

Here are a few thoughts on what I would love to see in the next couple of releases.

  1. The main advantages of Blender are it’s speed however there are some bugs and the software often crashes on me after too many reasources are used: often this ia the case for principled volumetric environments for tiles sizes 4 and below. So probably would be good for some way to limit usage of viewport like a:

% of resolution slider for EEVEE and the viewport.

I’m not sure if this would be feasible but it would be very advantageous for fast tweaking or avoiding crashes. I know this might not be a strong point for everyone, but I felt like mentioning it. Decreasing the resolution of viewport for volumetric data should in theory let you somehow see the changes in shape provided by lower tilesize while not crashing the software.

  1. I would love to get the Experimental displacement options for surface as a default for a next release. Displacement is so important to get PBR looking assets.

  2. I would definitely like to see more texture patterns for noise than just the base dot noise. I know it’s possible to get them with crafting/tweaking I would love to see a few more noise texture options in the base node, like perlin, naka, poxo, etc…

  3. Maybe a few export templates would be lovely like Export for substance, export for Unreal, export for Unity. I know there are plugins but a templated nature to exports will speed things up for newcomers.

That’s about it for now.