3D View Tools: Confirm on Release

Hi, I use most of the tools with exact numeric input and the current behavior of the 3D View Tools is that they get confirmed on the LMB release. This means I need to keep the button pressed until I write down the numeric value which feels quite awkward. I tried to change the settings in User Preferences but some of the tools don’t have a checkbox for Confirm on Release and in many tools the checkbox does not work or cannot be unchecked.

It would be useful (at least for me) to have a single checkbox to disable the confirm on release for all the 3D View Tools.

Another confusing thing in the User Preferences - Input is that all 3D View Tool: Object, xxx settings are duplicated in Mesh, Curve, Armature, Metaball, Lattice categories even thought they cannot be set individually (they share the same settings). It might be better to place them in a separate category (3D View Tools).