3D Cursor as a Snap Target = More precision


the cursor is now easely snappable into anything inside of blender with the ability to keep pressing the left ( or right) click and holding control .

so there’s a functionality that could resolve a lot of things that is missing : the ability to have the cursor as a snap target


it could be really really useful inside of both edit mode and object mode because it could resolve this subject :

witouth the need to create some special tool for it (at least for the two point move tool that is mainly asked, rotation , size , and mirror is another story)

so simply : the 3d cursor would take the role of a base point



It solves almost nothing - alignation/sideshift tools requires at least two points.

The first point is the 3D cursor as a the snap target

The second point is the point you are gonna choose with the snap is toggle active toggled with ctrl when moving

First snap the cursor with the desired verticle
To do so , hold the cursor click (left or right click) and hold control to snap

move while holding ctrl , you will snap to the desired element with the point that you were selecting before with the cursor snap

This give an useful feature to the currently quite controversial 3D cursor
A potential “2 point move” tool could make those steps automatically

I like this idea.
It is more intuitive and brings greater independence to the chosen Pivot Point.
Often we want Pivot Point to be one type and Snap Target another.
I proposed a similar solution in https://blender.community/c/rightclickselect/Bscbbc/replace-the-snap-target-center-to-cursor-and-bound.

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