3 D Mouse support broken

Mousesupport for a 3D Mouse worked perfectly well in Blender 2.79, got a little sluggy in 2.80 (I had to rub the normal mouse additionally over the viewport screen to stop the 3D Mouse from hanging. And since the builds after 18th of May the 3D Mouse stopped working completely: every time I touch it = Blender crashes. I use a 3D Connexion Space Navigator.
Will this one work again soon? I can’t work without it :/, hard to test things this way now.

And on this regard and additional suggestion as well: will it be possible to implement the possibility to record the movement of the 3D Mouse (with which I control all the Camera movements) in the Timeline, while moving it?
That way I could record dolly, crane, steadycam directly in Blender, as if I’d record with a real Camera.
Press record in Blender - move the cam in your scene, press stop and the whole scene is recorded.
That should also determine the final lenght of the scene, as it gives a true feeling for it. Just an idea :wink:

The issue was reported on IRC and as far as I know fixed.
Further this is off topic for this site, closing.