2024-04-22 Grease Pencil Module Meeting

Date/Time: 2024-04-22T14:00:00Z
Link: https://meet.google.com/xxo-tyin-rem
Attendees :

  • Amélie Fondevilla (LFS, Developer)
  • Antonio Vazquez (Developer)
  • Bastien Montagne (Blender)
  • Casey Bianco-Davis (Developer)
  • Falk David (Blender developer)
  • Lukas Tönne (Blender)
  • Samuel Bernou (ADV Studio, Dev)
  • Sietse Brouwer (Developer)
  • Thomas Dinges (Blender)
  • Yiming Wu (Grease Pencil Line Art)


  • Development updates
  • Status for Blender 4.2

Meeting Notes

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  • Status for Blender 4.2
    • Since bcon2 starts in a week and we’re not there yet in terms of feature parity, it’s unlikely that GPv3 will land in 4.2. Final call by the admins this week.
    • In a previous meeting with the admins it was decided that GPv3 needs to fully replace GPv2 in a release (there won’t be a release with the two systems together). Therefore, we need to reach feature parity before GPv3 can land.
  • Sietse: Was wondering about the status for his #118347: GPv3: Weight Paint tools (Draw, Blur, Average, Smear, Sample weight) PR.
    • Falk: The mode flags need to be changed to match the legacy ones, because of the grease pencil brushes (which need the mode flag to be unchanged). The PR is on hold for now until that’s done.
  • Amélie: Has some time this week to work on some task.
    • Falk: Will get back to her with more info on what tasks are availible to be worked on.
  • Sietse: Was wondering if he could work look into the Python API.
    • Falk: Would be welcome!
  • Yiming: When can we start working on topics that should not be part of GPv3?
    • Falk: Once GPv3 lands in main. It would be good if we focused on bugs and stability for a bit though.

Next Meeting

  • Time/Date: 2024-05-06T14:00:00Z

hoping thing can be tolerated to be done in bcon2 so GPv3 can be released in 4.2 so people can work with and do more reports and testing geometry node with the current tests to get more ideas of possible new features (artistically needed) so we stabilize it more and then 4.3 ( especially it is LTS) will be the new good of GPv3 with new features (like boolean fill …) this is my thinking, hope this is helpful.

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Update: Together with the admins, it was decided that GPv3 will not land in Blender 4.2. Since we’re aiming at fully replacing GPv2 (also decided with the admins in a previous meeting), we need to reach full feature parity before GPv3 can land. It’s too risky to do this work in bcon2 which starts next week.
This means that the migration to GPv3 should now happen at the beginning of bcon1 for Blender 4.3 (June 5, 2024).


The GPv3 noise modifier seems to be applied differently during and after the stroke. I have active smoothing set to 0.

Yea that is expected right now. The draw tool applies a resampling step at the end of the stroke that is hardcoded for the moment. That will change soon when I get to implementing the rest of the tool settings.