2024-03-19 Sculpt, Paint, & Texture Module Meeting

Looks like it would be a powerful addition to Blender. :heart:

The question is how to get it implemented in Blender. :confused:


Hi @elalish . I am the developer mainly working on mesh boolean in Blender (though now others are helping too). I’d be interesting in investigating the use of Manifold as an alternative to the Ember paper approach I’ve been working on. I’ll contact you.


Well, lots of useful concepts could be obtained from CAD domain, since it provides solutions to quite heavy technical challenges.
As an application which has been built around CAD-based paradigm, Blender does it all the time…

do we have any news on manifold integration?

Not much news. My work life has kept me too busy. I am currently working on the code to get vertex and edge attributes properly transferred, and remerge faces that got triangulated in order to run the algorithm (not sure if that latter thing is needed for the sculpt application).


If only the BF hires you at some point so the projects you have announced over the years can be finished up and committed to master. The bevel rework you revealed a year or so ago for instance is simply too powerful to just leave on the shelf.

I say that because it does appear to all but confirm that big enhancements to Blender is only possible through paid positions the majority of the time. I hope the BF can step to make this happen sooner than years from now.

Yeah, you are right that things can take a very long time if a volunteer is doing it, if that volunteer has other obligations.

While I would really enjoy a full-time BF position, sadly the economics of that idea just don’t work for me right now.