2021-08-17 Blender Rendering Meeting

So FYI I’m a developer for AMD, and helping with this HIP work for cycles-x. I don’t mean to be gatekeeping but this is a developer forum. Probably not the right place for speculation about what other platforms, (vulkan, metal) etc could be possible.

The info above about HIP is part of the bi-weekly cycles meeting update. When we’re ready to say more publicly about HIP support in Blender and answer all your questions it will be coming from somewhere else for a wider audience. Please have patience, this is just meant to keep developers updated!



Personally I would feel more comfortable having such a discussion in public instead of in a video call. The bf-usd mailing list would be the best place, I think. That’ll also be easier time-wise, as not all parties have to be online at the same time.

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Yes @DimitriBastos it was discussed in previous meeting

Plans is to merge this into master in about 3 weeks from now (September 20)

I’m not suggesting to do anything in private, simply to have a public module call like we do with the rendering group.

Like I said I think there’s some industry feedback that is harder to capture on an email list.
Also we have a proposal for integrating USD’s Hydra in a rendering add-on that I think is harder to capture there.