2021-08-06 Asset Browser Demo

On Friday we did an experiment of doing a sprint-demo a-like for the asset browser project.
There were some technically difficulties with the streaming service and audio.


  • Only show stuff that landed in master recently.
  • No discussion/feedback during the demonstration. Discussion/feedback can happen afterwards via the #asset-project or here in devtalk.
  • We try to do these demonstration every two weeks and will be announced via #asset-project on blender.chat.

Topics shown during the demonstration.

  • Asset Browser shares code with the File Browser. The code has been cleaned up so the asset browser can show their own menus, panels and operators.
  • It used to be that multiple Asset Templates showing the same asset library the shown data was in sync. Now the Asset Templates has its own state.
  • When dropping a material asset on an object the active material slot will be updated. Before only the first material slot was updated.
  • When dragging a material asset the tooltip shows exactly what will happen when you drop at that location. It will show the material slot that is being updated and what material is replaced.

Demonstration can be watched Asset Browser Progress Demo | 06-08-2021 - YouTube

We will see how to improve the streaming to engage with the community.