2021-07-19 - 2021-8-02 Geometry Nodes Sub-Module Meetings

Meeting notes from the geometry nodes sub-module. This time for multiple weeks (got to catch up!), though these weeks were slightly slower in terms of daily kickoff design discussions.


Week starting 2021-07-19

  • UI for Active modifier data context for spreadsheet. (Jacques)
    • A new option in the dropdown in the spreadsheet.
    • No automatically changing the spreadsheet view mode when changing active modifier.
  • Message warnings in nodegroups (Dalai)
    • Should we have them there as well?
    • Yes we should (propagate the error from a node to its node group).
    • Dalai will create a task for this later (done).
  • There is no way to change active modifier for linked modifiers (Dalai)
    • New todo task
  • More discussion about the two attribute workflow proposals
    • Felipe Del Rio opinion on the attributes socket proposal (he will post on devtalk later)
  • Mesh Primitive Cuboid Node (Hans)
  • Useful? It is a complicated bunch of code, but not the sort of thing that has to be changed, and that’s just the nature of dealing with edge indices sometimes.
    • Looks like benchmark was done in a debug build?
    • Don’t compute all edges manually.
    • There are other ways to simplify the code. Address through code review. Otherwise the idea looks reasonable.

Week starting 2021-07-26

No regular kick-offs due to holiday season (Hans and Dalai away).

Week starting 2021-08-02

  • Point Grid Node Design (Mattias)
    • Point grid node without the input type option seems like the most reasonable option.
    • Use three float inputs for now.