2021-06-01 Geometry Nodes Sub-Module Meeting

Attending: Dalai Felinto, Erindale Woodford, Himanshi Kalra, Jacques Lucke, Simon Thommes.



  • Planning for the week
    • This is the 6th week of the current 6-8 week long project.
    • The focus of the remaining weeks is to wrap up the core of curve support, viewer node + attribute processor prototype.

Design Discussions

  • Attribute Processor discussion (T88703).
    • ✓ How to create the Attribute Processor node?
      • Adding an empty Attribute Processor is fine.
      • No need (for now) for a fancy operator that creates the Processor from a node setup.
      • Make it more stand out in the menu: Expose at the top of the attribute category followed by a separator.
    • ✓ How to expose inputs/outputs?
      • Allow creating inputs/outputs directly from the Group Input/Output node.
    • ✓ Where to set the default state of inputs/outputs?
      • Sidebar in the Group category.
    • ✓ Should there be default sockets?
      • No.
    • ✓ Does the Index node work as is?
      • Yes.
      • The name “Index” is fine.
      • Similar to Input nodes in shading nodes.
      • Should be in the Input category (make header red).
    • ✓ Decouple socket name from default attribute name?
      • Yes.
      • The Attribute node (like shading nodes) could be used to hardcode an attribute name inside the node group.
        • How to handle outputs?
        • Have an attribute output node.
          • Could have two nodes that output to the same attribute. We don’t really have to make that work well, just show a warning or so.
      • Provide input node for some builtin attributes like position for convenience.
      • Remove the “Default” option.
      • Group inputs have these settings:
        • Name
        • Default mode (attribute, value)
        • Default value
        • Default attribute name
    • What icon should attribute processor groups have?
      • Something close to spreadsheet is ok-ish.
    • ✓ Use the same node groups in geometry/shading nodes?
      • Should be possible, but might not be nessessary for 3.0.
      • How to deal with different node group types?
        • Allow the user to organize node groups and where they are supported in the asset manager?
  • Curve design tasks
    • T88725: Curve Length Node
      • Have a node for the total length is good.
      • Have spline length as read-only attributes.
    • T88702: Curve Deform Node
      • Possibly: Handling all the splines to duplicate can be left out of this node and implemented as part of the “parallel for loop” solution.
    • T88722: Curve Change Direction Node
      • The issue with the selection is that we need a good set of design rules for the defaults, when no-select is all or nothing.

Next planning meeting: 2021-6-7 at 14:00 CEST on geometry-nodes on blender.chat.