2021-04-15 Blender USD I/O

Present: Michael Mowalski, Francesco Siddi, and Sybren Stüvel (Blender).

The goal of this meeting was to have an update on the Blender-USD integration development by NVIDIA, lead by Blender Foundation.

  • There is an ongoing patch review at Blender Archive - developer.blender.org
  • Currently there is a discrepancy between import and export features (volumes/hair), and this is considered acceptable and in line with other I/O scripts
  • The “collection based instancing” feature will be removed from the current patch to speed-up review and will be presented as a separate patch once the exporter is merged in master
  • Once the material mapping functionality has been cleaned up by Michael (addressing Sybren’s feedback), the patch will be ready for one more -hopefully final- round of review
  • Some internals might benefit from further refactoring, but this can be addressed after the patch is merged

Looking forward to having a USD exporter merged!