2020-07-09 - UI Team

Date: 2020-07-09: 12h AMS time
Participants: Campbell Barton, Hans Goudey, Julian Eisel, Pablo Vazquez, William Reynish


  • The User Interface project page as well as its Workboard and Code Review sub-pages should be our new hub to all UI work.

  • The UI workbord was reorganized to help managing the huge amount of tasks (>500). Here’s a description on how it’s organized (should be moved to a better place).

  • A first pass was done to place tasks in columns.

  • The release column (e.g. Blender 2.90) should show everything the module needs to take care of for the release. If patches are a release target, a task should be created to reference them there.

2.90 Release Targets

  • The Blender 2.90 column on the UI workboard lists the targets.

  • Some tasks were waiting on design decisions, but overall things seem on track.

  • Cursors: Implementation is not a 2.90 release target, the design is.

  • Indicate the Active Keyframe in Graph Editor: Exact selection behavior still undecided. Hans will prepare a version for testing by animators.

  • Status Bar & Statistics re-shuffling: Options will be on Preferences level for now. The right-click menu can be kept.
    -> Concern: Preference settings are being scattered over the UI more and more, this may be confusing. We could always show a dedicated icon where Preferences are affected.

Other Topics

  • Asset Manager:

    • Julian started Asset Manager work! First days of work were going great.
    • The approach is to get the basics (milestone 1) done as fast as possible. They bring huge value to users.
    • Current technical design ideas need to be evaluated and signed off by core developers. A technical design document is in the work.
  • Custom Menus GSoC project: The initial project proposal touches big topics for general customization in Blender. It’s important that the initial design task Menu Editor for Quick Favorites is tackled. Above that, the student is free to do further experiments.