2020-04-14 - EEVEE Status and Plans

Present: Clément Foucault, Dalai Felinto
This was an informal meeting to organize Clément’s schedule and the next steps of EEVEE development.

Meeting discussion points and outcomes:

  • Short-term for EEVEE / Viewport the focus is polishing bug fix (for 2.83)

    • There are 13 high priority bugs and reports and a few unclassified for EEVEE/Viewport.
    • Some of them (e.g., modifiers and spline) won’t be fixed for 2.83.
  • Motion blur for 2.90

    • No point in rushing this for 2.83 or for this to get on the way of the high-priority issues.
    • Implementation is limited to render, same as Cycles’ motion blur.
  • Feature film targets to be written down and structured as projects (milestones, …)

    • This is based on feedback from the Blender Animation Studio. By the time these projects can be tackled the Coffee Run project will be finished, but it will still be used as the case. One of the goals is to implement what is missing so that Coffee Run could have been rendered only with EEVEE.
  • Vulkan not the immediate priority

    • There is a presentation about Vulkan and Blender integration plans, but it is not mentioned anywhere in the tracker.
    • To port Blender first for OpenGL 4.5 would help, but OSX will never go beyond OpenGL 3.3.
    • The current feeling is still that it is a lot of work, so nothing for this year’s plans.

I got a question regarding volumetrics, why is it tied to the whole scene instead of per light?
this takes away Artist control on which lights produce God rays or not.

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