2.91 question about AO node debugging

Hi all :slight_smile:

I just come here to see wether in the 2.91 beta the AO node finally works properly or not ?

After filing a bug report, i was redirected to this:
That seems… err… interresting ? about hairs ? :joy:

But AO node bug ? i don’t see much about this…
Of course i don’t care hairs coz i don’t use them and i can imagine it’s kinda essential but…
AO is IMHO much more essential ( simply because hairs should use AO :wink:

well If anyone knows wether AO works in 2.91 or if not, in how many years it will :stuck_out_tongue:
I’d be strongly interrested :slight_smile:

thanks for your kind answers !

And happy blending !