2.80 style for the Sequencer Panel

I can understand there will be 2.80 UI freeze this week, however the VSE panel hasn’t yet been converted into the right aligned 2.80 style.

This work has already been done in the VSE Reworked project - and the code can be cherry-picked from this project(NB. the file also contains menu changes. So cherry-picking the code is necessary): https://github.com/tin2tin/blender_vse_reworked
(My time-limitations doesn’t allow me spending time on committing and correcting code).

Ex. from an early stage of development:
(Original=current 2.80. Reworked = VSE Reworked Project)

NB: A few things have been added/changed:
Strip type is written in the label:

Align color wheels side by side if the panel is wide enough:

Ex. windows layout for color grading with color wheels side by side:

A data panel added. It has both TC and frame number:

I hope this will limit the time investment in converting the VSE panel into 2.80.

Good luck.

Oh. One more thing with the changes in the scrollbars - when selecting with left click. Maybe the channel numbers could be aligned horizontally for better readability?


I really want to fast-track this - probably to the Bforartists fork (as I’m re-working and iconizing the header menu’s of the VSE in that fork right now).

But checking our differences with what you propose might take some work… but I’ll check and see after I finish my current iconizing tasks for the header.

Well, yes in the “Menu” part of the code there are many differences, but take a look at the latter part which contains the panel. It shouldn’t contain that many changes.

The menu-part needs the space_sequencer.py file updated as descriped here: https://github.com/tin2tin/blender_vse_reworked

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Yehp, see it! Nice. I like it.

I guess I see you re-organized the header AND added new VSE features. I’ll have to go through each little change and verify each - probably on a task by task case.

In BFA, we also re-organized the header, or are doing it. But it’s done on a small task by task case.

Add this as a patch in code review on developer.blender.org and I will check it.

We are freezing UI changes this week so you must be quick.


It’s the classes called: ‘class SEQUENCER_PT etc.’ in this patch which contains the Sequencer Panel updates mentioned above: https://developer.blender.org/D4199

As stated above, I do not have the time or the knowledge to commit or correct code. Sorry.

The sidebar changes have now been committed to master, with some additional changes.


Thank you @tintwotin! I’m glad your work made it to VSE 2.80.

Let’s make it awesome-r in 2.81 :muscle:


Oh great. That was quick. Thank you. Looking forward to try out a build.

Another round of small changes is to expose a lot of build in functions which are not exposed in the menus or anywhere else. They are exposed in the VSE Reworked project. So again, it is a question of cherry-picking the code if any of these are considered valuable.

Existing functions added to menu:

  • Toggle ‘all audio’ button in the header.
  • Select Time Code Style (in View menu)
  • Toggle Meta Strips (in Edit menu)
  • Un-Mute/Un-Hide Deselected (in Strip/Mute menu)
  • Jump to Keyframe/Start/End (in Navigation menu)
  • Set preview Start/End (in View menu)
  • Zoom Box… (in View menu)
  • Add modifiers (in Strip Menu and as popup by shortcut) request by Pablo
  • Flip X/Y (in Strip Menu)
  • Reverse (in Strip Menu)
  • Remove All Gaps (in Edit Menu)
  • Select Box… (in Select Menu)
  • Select Extended (in Select Menu)
  • Select Time Linked (in Select Menu)
  • Select Handles (in Select Menu)

NB. there are additional changes in the VSE Reworked menus, but these functions are dependant on additional startup/sequencer.py operators.

Also VSE UI related: Shift/ctrl/alt + select do have several (hidden) functions in the sequencer, and info about these should be added to the status-bar(which can’t be added through python?) Click to enlarge the gifs:


Ctrl(inside strips):

Ctrl(outside strips):