2.8 needs an "Obsolete operators in keymap" warning to ease migration pain

Specifically, I’m thinking about the use case of a 2.79 user migrating to 2.8. If they have a custom keymap (which is likely), there’s a good possibility they have tons of deprecated operators bound to hotkeys and have no idea.

Currently, the first warning sign a user will get will simply be that their hotkey doesn’t work. Digging deeper into the input manager, they’ll see the telltale signs of an invalid operator. From here, we’re leaving them hanging- they don’t know if this operator has just been simply renamed or had their usage tweaked (as in the case of collection.create vs group.create) or completely removed. A majority of users do not keep up with development and won’t have the tribal knowledge necessary to perform a productive google search, so ultimately we’ll just end up with a bunch of threads on blenderartists.org asking how to fix things.

Ideally, it’d be great to see migration written for these sorts of things- but at a minimum it could be as simple as keeping a list of deprecated/changed operators posted on the wiki, and then print a deprecation warning to the console with a URL when one of the old operators is called. An official list of changed operators would also be extremely helpful for addon developers that want to port their scripts to 2.8 and utilize built-in operators.

I recall Pablo saying that he will personally mantain the old 2.7 keymap. As far as I’m aware the plan was to include these 3 input presets: the new Blender minimal keymap, the so called industry standard, and the old 2.7 bloated keymap. It was possible to select the old 2.7 keymap from the splash screen but they changed the splash screen and it’s not easily accessible. It’s still there under 2.80\scripts\presets\keyconfig. Just go to preferences > input >import key configuration. Don’t know if plans have changed.

That’s not really what this post is about though. It’s great that the 2.7x keymap will be maintained, but what about all of the individual people who don’t use a default keymap and have a completely unique layout based on their own personal style (ie: the whole reason of having an input editor)? Is pablo going to maintain all of them? :slight_smile: